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I was able to do a sea trial with my new propeller, it worked perfectly as advertised.


The propeller designed by EWOL gave an extraordinary thrust to my boat. Thank you for the extreme accuracy of the calculations, for the courtesy of the pleasant conversations and for the timing of the supply, a rare occurrence today.
While the new propeller was being assembled for my boat, a Comet 311s, a young sailor approached me and told me: “but this is an Ewol propeller, it’s the best in the world.” I replied: I don’t know if it is the best, but the sea will give its answer “. After a cruise that from the Circeo touched Palmarola, Ponza, Ventotene, Procida, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno Marina d’Arechi, I can say that the performance was extraordinary. With the typical load of cruising with the Ewol propeller, Volvo 20/20 engine, 5.5 knots are reached at 2000 rpm and 6.5 at 2500 rpm, 1100 rpm below the maximum. Greetings,
CC – Italy


L’elica progettata da EWOL ha dato una spinta straordinaria alla mia barca. Grazie per l’estrema esattezza dei calcoli, per la cortesia delle piacevoli conversazioni e per il tempismo della fornitura, circostanza oggi rara.
Mentre in cantiere veniva montata la nuova elica per la mia barca, un Comet 311s, si è avvicinato un giovane velista che mi ha detto: “ma questa e un’elica Ewol, è la migliore al mondo”. Gli ho risposto: Non so se sia la migliore, ma il mare darà il suo responso”. Dopo una crociera che dal Circeo ha toccato Palmarola, Ponza, Ventotene, Procida, Positano, Amalfi e Salerno Marina d’Arechi, posso dire che il rendimento è stato straordinario. Con il carico tipico della crociera con l’elica Ewol, motore volvo 20/20 si raggiungono i 5,5 nodi a 2000 giri e i 6,5 a2500 giri, 1100 giri sotto il massimo. Grati saluti,
CC – Italy


My yard fitted the EWOL propeller and we have been using it all August. I wanted to tell you that the propeller has been fantastic. It’s extremely smooth. The power and the pitch as delivered has been a perfect match for our engine where we get good performance in the mid range and still get excellent top speed.
Reversing is a breeze and thrust in reverse is excellent. And of course for the first time we can sail without the prop shaft spinning which is both (a lot) faster and quieter than we had before.
We had the propeller coated with PropSpeed and have had no issues with singing or strange noises.
I think your propeller is excellent and would happily recommend to anybody contemplating a conversion for a motorsailor such as ours where thrust under power is important.
Kind regards,
Owner: Nauticat 515 “Catkin”

Notch 1

Working fine

I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know that I pulled my sailboat, Exeter, out of the water last Friday and had a chance to inspect the propeller after a summer’s worth of sailing in Chicago. Attached are several photos. When the boat first was on the hard, the bottom was covered in a thin slime with no major growth. This is usual for boats in Lake Michigan. After a pressure wash, the propeller looked as shown in photo 1. After a quick, mild acid wash, the propeller looked as shown in photo 2. Looks like brand new! The only interesting thing to report was that my magnesium anode on the propeller shaft was quite severely consumed. I still may be having a stray current issue on the dock. It did its job and there didn’t seem to be any corrosion issues with the propeller.
So, overall, I am very pleased with my Orion propeller. I changed the pitch to be right on 20 degrees and will see how this works out next year. The only thing I would recommend to EWOL would be to also offer the spinner anodes on the propeller to be made out of magnesium. This would double protect the propeller for sailing in fresh water. (note: we have now magnesium anodes available in our shop online)
2020-10-18 JN – USA

It is working fine and the performance seems better than the three bladed M… that I replaced. It is smoother when motoring and seems to be a little bit faster when just motoring at idle speed. I still don’t have the pitch set perfectly. At launch, I went with a 18 degree blade setting which is a little bit low. The engine (Yanmar 2GM20F), easily can rev up to 3600 and the boat speed is a little bit over 6 knots. Shortly, I will be setting it to 19 degrees and see how this works.
2020-08-21 JN – USA