Excellent performance

Hello my friend,

I went for trial run. The prop performance was excellent. I did have to decrease the pitch to 18 degrees to get the recommended rpm.

All is well.
Fair winds,

Nick – USA – Nov 2016


Introducing the new EWOL 4 Blades for Maxi Yachts!

After 2 years spent in R&D and test, EWOL introduces the Hi-Speed 4 Blades for Maxi Sailing Yachts…..first deliveries happening in July 2017!

Here is the preview of this fantastic product assuring best performances, lowest drag, accurate pitch optimization, smooth reversing and great boat maneuverability.

The first Solaris 68 installs a 4-bladed EWOL Pegasus propeller in Titanium

The first Solaris 68 – “One Shot”, which will be exhibited at the Cannes Boat Show 2017, has been equipped with a Titanium 4-blade EWOL Pegasus propeller.

EWOL Pegasus is the specially designed propeller for Maxi and mini-Maxi boats with engine powers up to 400 cv and shafts up to 55-60 mm in diameter.

On One Shot, EWOL Pegasus has achieved high cruising speeds and great maneuverability, enabling very delicate reversals that do not stress the gearbox of the boat.

EWOL, 20 years of success and technology, protagonist at boot 2018

The leading Italian company in the production and marketing of nautical accessories with high technological content, presents its innovative products in Dusseldorf, home of Europe’s most important themed show.

Come and visit us at stand 11 A 33 to discover our news and touch our strengths!

For info and to book a meeting, write to info@ewoltech.it

Ewol is the technical sponsor of Polarquest 2018, a research and exploration expedition to the North Pole

Still an international level partnership for the Milanese company leader in nautical accessories with high technological content.

Milan, 21 June 2018

Ewol (www.ewoltech.com), an Italian company leader in the production and marketing of nautical accessories with high technological content, is the technical sponsor of # Polarquest2018 (www.polarquest2018.org), a research and exploration expedition inspired by Umberto’s business Nobleman who will leave for the circumnavigation of the Svalbard islands in the month of August, to carry out samples of microplastics in the Arctic Ocean, detect the flow of cosmic rays beyond 80 ° N and look for the remains of the Italy airship to the north-east of the archipelago.

Another important partnership for the Milanese company, true excellence of Made in Italy with business and customers in many countries of the world.

Specifically, Ewol will supply a #Pegasus propeller for use on board the #NANUQ sailing ship on the occasion of PolarQuest2018, which will depart from Isafjordur, Iceland, on 21 July 2018 for a circumnavigation of the Svalbard archipelago from 1 to 26 August 2018 with return scheduled in Tromso, Norway on 4 September 2018.

A product treated and managed with technological knowledge and attention to detail. Starting from the choice of materials. The Ewol propellers are, in fact, made with Super-Duplex stainless steel alloys which, together with the Titanium alloys, also used in the #EWOLTitanium versions, represent the best technology available today for “special” applications in the marine field and in able to withstand very high mechanical loads and environments with a high corrosive value.

“We are happy to be able to contribute to the Polarquest 2018 mission – comments CEO Ewol – which has scientific, ecological and cultural goals of great interest to us all. EWOL has always paid great attention and supports missions that are characterized by the strong will of men and women to explore the world, dance with the force of nature and help to spread messages in favor of nature itself “.

easy assembly, micrometric adjustment and sales department with excellent advice

The choice of the EWOL propeller was made for several reasons: stainless steel construction, easy assembly, micrometric adjustment and sales department with excellent advice. Thanks to Mr. Moroni. The result with the engine in forward gear is, compared to a fixed three-blade propeller, from 200 to 300 rpm less at the same speed. In reverse, here are all the advantages of this propeller: the boat goes where we want it to go. Under the sail, I lock the shaft in reverse gear that otherwise, in neutral, would be creating vortexes in the helm. It is forgotten as the boat gains speed the feathering position helps speed, especially in light air. Gain: between 0.5 and 1 knot depending on the state of the sea.


B.C.- France

Original Text

Le choix de l’hélice EWOL s’est imposé pour plusieurs raisons: sa construction en acier inoxydable, sa facilité de montage, son réglage micrométrique et le service commercial de très bons conseils. Merci à monsieur Moroni. Le résultats en marche avant au moteur est, par rapport à une hélice fixe tripale , est de 200 à 300 tours de moins pour une vitesse égale.En marche arrière, tout l’intérêt est dans cette hélice. Le bateau va là où on veut qu’il aille. Sous voile, je bloque l’hélice en marche arrière sinon elle tourne au point mort créant des remous dans le safran. Elle se fait oublier tout en donnant de la vitesse au bateau car la mise en drapeau favorise la vitesse surtout dans les petits airs pour moi. Gain: entre 0,5 et 1 noeud en fonction de l’état de la mer.

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