Ewol propellers: history of the company, technology and passion!

Ewol was founded in 1997 and immediately set itself apart due to the hi-tech materials and hydrodynamic design and the structural verification technologies used in the construction of its products.

logo Ewol eliche a bandiera per per imbarcazioni a vela

Founded in 1997, EWOL Propellers has steadily evolved throughout its history, regularly introducing innovative products and registering several patents. In a short time, the company has established itself as a technology leader in the production of marine propellers for sailboats.

EWOL regularly supplies its products from Italy where the company’s headquarters are located to Europe, the U.S., Asia, Africa and Oceania, earning positive appreciation and reviews from customers around the globe.

Today, EWOL propellers are internationally renowned due to their lower sail resistance, excellent propulsion performance, advantages in port maneuverability, micrometric pitch adjustment capability, and ease of installation and use.

The use of Super Duplex steel or, upon request, Titanium in the construction of EWOL propellers ensures excellent resistance to mechanical stresses and corrosion, providing exceptional durability. In addition, it offers the possibility of plug & play upgrades over the years, including the adaptation of new technical solutions introduced by the company even on previously supplied EWOL propellers.

By choosing EWOL Propellers, customers can count on a reliable partnership and a high level of after-sales service. The company is proud of its commitment to excellence and will continue to invest in research and development to offer state-of-the-art products, enabling boats to sail efficiently, safely, and environmentally friendly.