EWOL’s remarkable new propeller, specifically for green battery charging on electric and hybrid propulsion, or diesel with hydraulic and non-hydraulic inverters

EnergyMatic is a revolutionary product that is redefining the standards of sustainability and efficiency in the boating world and recently received the Best Green Product award at the Newport Boat Show in October 2022.

This recognition is the result of our ongoing commitment to offering sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions for boating enthusiasts, and which once again confirms how the quality, innovation and attention to details are the main pillars of the philosophy of every EWOL-branded propeller are appreciated

EnergyMatic was designed with a focus on sustainability and performance: in fact, it uses its innovative automatic feathering mechanism to position itself with maximum efficiency and minimum effort even on hydraulically reversing thrusters, without the necessity to lock the axle; this means that with this model, it will no longer be necessary to turn off the engine and put it in reverse gear to gain a quantifiable speed increase of 0.5 to 1.5 knots.

Another advantage of the EnergyMatic is the hydrogeneration position more commonly called the battery charging function; while sailing, the EnergyMatic propeller can be placed in the Recharge position to act as an electric turbine, generating a significant amount of power. This solution is particularly useful for boats with 100% electric or hybrid engines, but also for boats with diesel engines, in the latter case it will be necessary to have a mast alternator and a charge controller.

EnergyMatic still retains the other features belonging to all EWOL propellers, such as micrometric pitch adjustment, the high-efficiency blade profile, and the use of SuperDuplex-stainless steel for the propellers that have very high mechanical and corrosion resistance. As of today, this new product is available in the Orion EnergyMatic variant, for diameters from 17″ to 25″; ideal for sailboats from 10 to 16 meters and with electric motors from 15 to 80 Kw or diesel engines from 40 to 160 HP.

Soon the Gemini EnergyMatic and Pegasus EnergyMatic versions will also be introduced to the market.

We are excited to see how this new model has already been highly appreciated internationally, pushing us further and further in developing cutting-edge technologies to ensure our customers unique and increasingly “green” products