E4 Gemini the smallest of the 4-blade EWOL propellers

E4 Gemini is the propeller suitable for medium to large yachts from 50 to 70 feet and with engines from 100 to 250 hp

The E4 Gemini represents the evolution of innovation in the marine propeller industry. Featuring a robust, all-steel Super Duplex construction, this propeller is designed to optimize the efficiency and maneuverability of medium and large boats.

Its 4-blade configuration offers numerous advantages: these allow for more even load distribution and total cancellation of vibration, ensuring smooth and quiet sailing. The E4 Gemini also provides greater traction and acceleration, enabling quick response to maneuvers and improved performances in all sailing conditions.

Each Gemini propeller is custom-made to meet the unique specifications of your boat. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and years of industry experience, we can customize your propeller to ensure maximum efficiency and the achievement of superior speed performance while ensuring safe and comfortable boating

We are proud to offer a product that provides reliability, durability and customer satisfaction. Relying on the Gemini propeller from to enhance your boat’s sailing experience is a safe move. Discover the power, efficiency and stability of this innovative and solid propeller. Contact us today for more information and a personalized consultation.