A World Champion's comment

I am very happy with the general operation both forward and in reverse. We have a perfect compromise between speed and consumption, with few noises and vibrations.
Our boat is specially optimized for racing, the choice of the EWOL propeller was right for having the minimum amount of sailing resistance.

Alain Marchand
World Champion and Pro sailor
Solaris 44.2 – Otto Cinque

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Sono molto contento del funzionamento generale sia in avanti che in retromarcia. Abbiamo un perfetto compromesso tra velocità e consumo, con pochi rumori e vibrazioni.
La nostra barca e specialmente ottimizzata per le regate, la scelta della elica EWOL era giusta per avere la minima quantità di resistenza a vela.

Alain Marchand
World Champion and Pro sailor
Solaris 44.2 – Otto Cinque

Solaris 44

Alpa 42 ketch - long keel

Perfect Propeller

Test passed, perfect propeller, I solved the problem of the stern moorings with ewol, I recommend it to the “alpisti” with the A42, excellent product and owner careful to take good care of the customer even after the sale, a quality that is now a rarity

S.M. Italy

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Collaudo passato, elica perfetta, ho risolto il problema degli ormeggi di poppa con ewol, agli alpisti con la A42 la raccomando, ottimo prodotto e titolare attento a curare bene il cliente anche dopo la vendita, pregio che ormai è rarità

S.M. Italy

Grand Soleil 45

Everything is fine with the propeller

Everything is fine with the propeller after having done as advised by you. Four marks to plus, good performance and regular diesel consumption.
Thank you very much, I remember it was a week-end when I needed your help – and I got it from you.
Warm regards
Franz – DE

The propeller works very well

I installed the EWOL propeller on my boat, a Hallberg Rassy 45 with TMD31D engine. The propeller works very well both as a cruising speed in forward gear and in maneuverability.

Also good is the flag position that allows me to sail quickly and without rotation noise from the propeller

A.G. – Italy – July 2014

Original Text

Ho installato l’elica EWOL sulla mia barca, un Hallberg Rassy 45 con motore TMD31D. L’elica funziona molto bene sia come velocità di crociera a marcia avanti che come manovrabilità.

Buona anche la posizione di bandiera che mi permette di andare a vela velocemente e senza rumore di rotazione dall’elica

A.G. – Italia – Luglio 2014

Very satisfied

On my current boat I have installed an EWOL propeller for several years now and I am completely satisfied with it. The propeller is light enough to be well tolerated by my sail drive. In motor maneuvers it transmits safety while sailing “disappears” allowing a perceptible increase in performance. The possibility of micrometric adjustment of the pitch even with the boat in the water and in total autonomy represents an additional added value as it completely eliminates the fear of mistaking the pitch value in the purchase of a new propeller

D.S. – Italy – April 2019

Original Text

Sulla mia imbarcazione attuale ho installato una elica EWOL ormai da diversi anni e ne sono completamente soddisfatto. L’elica è leggera al punto da essere ben tollerata dal mio sail drive. Nelle manovre a motore trasmette sicurezza mentre navigando a vela “sparisce” consentendo un incremento percepibile delle prestazioni. La possibilità di regolazione micrometrica del passo anche con barca in acqua e in totale autonomia rappresenta un ulteriore valore aggiunto in quanto elimina completamente la paura di sbagliare il valore del passo nell’acquisto di un’elica nuova

D.S. – Italia – Aprile 2019


Dear EWOL,

I just wanted to let you know, that the EWOL propeller has been fantastic during PolarQuest2018 to and around Svalbard.
Due to the robust and over-dimensioned 4 blade design, forward performance was as good as the original fixed propeller without increase of fuel consumption (3.2 litres/hour at cruising speed). Gain whilst sailing is significant and produces much less wear and noise. Reverse propulsion is most impressive and a more than useful feature when navigating in uncharted waters, where it is vital to be able to stop at once. Even though 2018 was a record year in lack of ice, we sailed along the ice edge for hours. Due to the ’round’ design of the propeller blades, contact with pieces of ice didn’t harm the propeller. The only improvement needed has been be to reduce the pitch of the blades in forward position allowing to produce more thrust at low speed, especially when beating against strong winds. Well, this has been done easily!

Since I saw the propeller on exhibit, I was confident in the design of EWOL and our experience has been more than positive. Thank you for your support.

Capt. Peter G. – Switzerland – Sept 2018




http://www.polarquest2018.org/ and http://igloo.sailworks.net/

Interesting results

Hello, I changed a fixed three-bladed propeller on my Gibsea 126plus, for an EWOL E3 in stainless steel. Installed in May very easily the results are interesting: no more vibrations even at high speed, gain in sail of 1.5 knots, reduction in consumption from 2.6 to 2.1 liters, and the best is impeccable reverse maneuvers. As for the price, it is equivalent to other brands. The big advantage is the micrometric adjustment of the pitch which adapts to the engine speed, when sailing the blades are facing the navigation finished drag.

R.C. – France – March 2018

Original Text

Bonjour j’ai changé une hélice tripale fixe sur mon Gibsea 126plus, pour une EWOL E3 en inox. Installé au mois de mai très facilement les résultats sont intéressant: plus aucune vibrations même à haut régime, gain à la voile de 1,5 nods, réduction de la consommation de 2,6 à 2,1 litres, et le meilleur c’est les manœuvres de port marche arrière impeccable. Quant au prix c’est équivalent aux autres marques. Le gros avantage est le réglage micrométrique du pas qui s’adapte au régime du moteur, à la voile les pales se mettent face à la navigation fini le traînée.

R.C. – France – Mars 2018