Dear EWOL,

I just wanted to let you know, that the EWOL propeller has been fantastic during PolarQuest2018 to and around Svalbard.
Due to the robust and over-dimensioned 4 blade design, forward performance was as good as the original fixed propeller without increase of fuel consumption (3.2 litres/hour at cruising speed). Gain whilst sailing is significant and produces much less wear and noise. Reverse propulsion is most impressive and a more than useful feature when navigating in uncharted waters, where it is vital to be able to stop at once. Even though 2018 was a record year in lack of ice, we sailed along the ice edge for hours. Due to the ’round’ design of the propeller blades, contact with pieces of ice didn’t harm the propeller. The only improvement needed has been be to reduce the pitch of the blades in forward position allowing to produce more thrust at low speed, especially when beating against strong winds. Well, this has been done easily!

Since I saw the propeller on exhibit, I was confident in the design of EWOL and our experience has been more than positive. Thank you for your support.

Capt. Peter G. – Switzerland – Sept 2018