I just removed my M… and installed the EWOL prop that I purchased at the boat show »>Annapolis Boat Show. It is a 3 blade 18″ prop.
1) the salesman at the booth was very knowledgeable and is forthcoming with tech specs. He NEVER bad mouthed the competition’s propellers…he just noted their strengths and weak points…doing the same for his product
2) the order went through easily and prop was delivered in tact and on time
3) I thought there was an issue when I went to mount the prop…technical was on the phone with me immediately and throughout the process..the issue was mine and not with the prop
4) the biggest advantage of this prop is the ease of installation/removal…1 bolt and it’s in (no worries about losing the prop because of its engineering…losing it is nearly impossible).
5) the increase in performance was substantially better than my M….

Next spring I will add to this post as I will be on a 3 week cruise in the Northeast and will have a chance to use it on prolonged periods.

So far….I am happy.

Claudio New York