FastBlades – Antifouling for propellers

High performance antifouling paint for marine propellers. Fixed, foldable, flag propellers. Propellers in stainless steel, bronze etc.

Primer A 240 ml + Primer B 100 ml + Antifouling 375 ml

Sufficient for 2 propellers 3-4 blades max diam. 500mm

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Fastblades is the special high performance antifouling created by EWOL specifically for marine propellers. Particularly resistant to any type of marine fouling, FastBlades has a duration of at least 1 year in immersion and in conditions of frequent use.

Easy to apply (by brush) FastBlades guarantees a long life and optimal performance of your propeller even after long periods of immersion

In the package you will find the Primer (bi-component) and the antifouling paint

FastBlades can be applied on stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, composite material propellers. The propellers can be fixed, foldable, flag, for sailboats or motor boats, in short, all types of marine propellers, also suitable for the painting of shaft lines, propeller stands and Sail-Drive sterndrives